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Succulent Baby Shower Favors, and Succulent Theme Stick Tags with Plant and Baby Puns

Succulent Baby Shower Favors, and Succulent Theme Stick Tags with Plant and Baby Puns

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Includes PLANT and FLAG TAG: Baby shower guests will get a kick out of these trendy, funny succulent party favors that are perfect for the boho chic party: Hand sewn and trimmed with crocheted lace, these are THE perfect parting gift for your guests is a succulent plant that sports a darling plant pun tag. Our best-loved phrase in the set is "Sometimes, I wet my plants" but they are all funny, cute little quips. Favors ship free and will arrive 2-3 days prior to your event so they are fresh, watered and ready to set out for the party.

A set quantity of sweet 2" succulents is nestled in moss, wrapped in hand-sewn burlap trimmed with crocheted lace and outfitted with a little flag tag that sports one of a number of funny puns related to babies, pregnancy and/or plants. These special favors are made-to-order, each rosette planted and each flag tag designed and put together by hand.

Cute little "flag" tags come in a variety with each quantity set:

~ "Aloe, Little One!"
~ "Babies are Plantastic!"
~ "Baby in Bloom"
~ "Don't Stop Be-Leafing"
~ "Grow Baby Grow"
~ "Oh Baby!"
~ "I'm a Succ-a for Babies!"
~ "I'm Rootin' for Ya!"
~ "Plant One on Me"
~ "Plant Parenthood"
~ "Sometimes, I wet my plants." (voted the favorite!)
~ "Watch Me Grow!"
~ "Oh, Boy!" (in the case of a boy baby)
~ "You Grow Girl!" (in the case of a baby girl)

Opt for a variety of sayings, pick out just a few, or simply choose one for all your favors.

We can customize your tags by adding a phrase under the plant puns or on the back of the tag, such as "Thanks for Showering Lauren!" or you may replace the pun entirely with your own verbiage. Please choose custom verbiage/text when ordering and put your desired verbiage in the "Notes" when ordering.

Favors are shipped to arrive 2-3 days prior to your event, so they are freshly watered and ready to set out for the party. YOU WILL NOT NEED TO MAINTAIN THE PLANTS PRIOR TO YOUR EVENT.  Once your package is received, your plants should be unpacked within 12 hours of delivery because they will need air and light. Care instructions will be included so you know what to do with them before your event.

If your event is 14 days or less from the order date, please choose the RUSH OPTION which includes a $15 flat fee. Every order is handmade and we must also allow for several days in transit so your package arrives in time for your event. Message me if you have a rush order to ensure we have ample time to get your order processed. I'm happy to help!

Simple care instructions are on the back of each tag. Succulents will last at least 2-3 weeks without much attention at all, but it will last several months with proper misting/watering and care.

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