About Us

We Love Party Details!

Party planners and succulent enthusiasts~ Welcome to Sorella Minchella!: A passion-driven endeavor that merges the allure of beautiful succulent favors with captivating party aesthetics. Enchanting succulent favors lovingly adorned with hand-sewn wraps or creatively designed cups are our thing. Our standout stars? The whimsical flag tags boasting clever plant puns, amplifying the experience.

Elevate Your Celebration: Complete Harmony

Beyond succulents, we ensure your celebration is a symphony of coherence. Our curated selection includes matching signs, banners, confetti, and more, seamlessly weaving your chosen theme from start to finish.

Sorella Minchella: Sisterly Love + Artistic Flourish

Sorella Minchella is the embodiment of sisterly love. Our name intertwines "sorella," Italian for sister, with our family name. While Mary designs our products and manages our offerings, Gina - the creative organizer behind the scenes - plays an essential role in the planning of future designs and ideas.

Your Event with Sorella Minchella

More than a brand, we like think of ourselves as part of a party and plant-loving community. Share your ideas, and let us turn dreams of beautiful party details into tangible treasures. Whether you seek special requests or personal touches, we're just a message away. Connect with us on social media for a peek into our creative process and the unveiling of fresh designs.

Honored to Share in Every Moment

From intimate gatherings to grand galas, we're humbled to be a small part of your celebrations. Let's transform life's precious instants into cherished memories, one succulent at a time.

With love and party perfection,

Mary & Gina